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About Us

Mission Statement

Against Animal Cruelty Tasmania is a not-for-profit group based in Hobart, Tasmania. Our aim is to eliminate all exploitation, cruelty and suffering of animals within our state and beyond.

We strive to facilitate change through non-violent action, education, political lobbying on a wide variety of issues and law reform including prosecutions and ‘test case’ litigation. Our current campaigns target the live export industry, intensive farming, and duck shooting.

At all times, AACT strives to respect the diverse opinions of its members and supporters through our action.

AACT liaises with appropriate groups and organisations to achieve our objectives, which are:

  • To identify and campaign against the inhumane treatment of animals within Tasmania;
  • To respond to national and international animal cruelty issues as appropriate
  • To investigate and where appropriate prosecute breaches of State and Federal animal cruelty legislation;
  • To raise awareness of inhumane treatment of animals through ‘test case’ litigation; brought in both State and Federal jurisdictions;
  • To encourage and support cruelty free living.

Where we are going

Formed in 2003, AACT is reasonably new to the animal advocacy front in Australia. In the short time since our inception we have gone from strength to strength. From an informal group of concerned individuals to an organisation now Incorporated, we have a growing membership and a very dedicated and active committee.

AACT's campaigns are far-ranging and include: the cruelty of intensive farming; the hunting of our native wildlife; the abuse of animals for entertainment; the suffering of animals in the live export trade and the slaughter of animals for fur. In recent times AACT has exposed the cruelty in battery hen farming in Tasmania.

This website will keep you informed of our main campaign issues and what is coming up. We’d love to have your support and would welcome any feedback. AACT is only as strong as it’s active (or should that be AACTive?) members, so we encourage you to join us in our campaign to end animals suffering.

Download, print and distribute our latest colour leaflet that explains what we are about and how people can get involved in our work for the non-human animals of Tasmania.

Athough we do not have a physical office, you can send mail to us at 100 Elizabeth Street, Hobart, Tasmania 7000.

Keep watching this website for the latest updates and events.

For the animals,

Chris Simcox
AACT Coordinator.


Against Animal Cruelty Tasmania

Email: info@aact.org.au Tel: 0408 970 359

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