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AACT provides the following links to like-minded organisations:


Animal Liberation New South Wales - www.animal-lib.org.au

Animal Liberation Queensland - www.animalliberationqld.org.au

Animal Liberation South Australia - www.animalliberation.org.au

Animal Liberation Victoria - www.alv.org.au

Animal Rights Advocates (Western Australia) - www.ara.org.au

Animals Australia - www.animalsaustralia.org

Animals Australia Unleased - www.unleashed.org.au

Australian Rescue and Rehoming Service - www.arrr.id.au

Australian Teenagers Against Animal Cruelty - ataac.org

Big Ears Animal Sanctuary - www.bigearsanimalsanctuary.com

Brightside Farm Sanctuary - www.brightside.org.au

Coalitian Against Duck Shooting (Victoria) - www.duck.org.au

Choose Cruelty Free - www.choosecrueltyfree.org.au

Coalition for the Protection of Racehorses - www.horseracingkills.com

Horse Racing Industry Exposed - www.horseracingkills.org

Human Battery Cage Campaign - www.humanbatterycage.com

Humane Research Australia - www.humaneresearch.org.au

Live Export Shame - www.liveexportshame.com

Make It Possible - www.makeitpossible.com

Stop Live Exports - stopliveexports.org

People and Animal Welfare Society (Western Australia) www.paws.org.au

Tasmanian Horse Rescue and Rehabilitation Program - www.thrro.webs.com

Vegetarian Tasmania - www.tasveg.org

Voiceless - www.voiceless.org.au

Wildlife Tasmania - www.wildlifetasmania.com

World League for the Protection of Animals - www.wlpa.org



Abolitionitionist Approach - www.abolitionistapproach.com

Animal Sentience - www.animalsentience.com

Compassion in World Farming - www.ciwf.org.uk

Fishing Hurts (PETA) - www.fishinghurts.com

Humane Society International - www.hsi.org.au

International Centre for Alternatives in Research and Education - www.icare-worldwide.org

International Generic Horse Association and HorseAid (fighting against the ongoing production of Premarin ) - www.igha.org

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) - www.peta.org

StopAnimalTests.Com - www.stopanimaltests.com

Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty - www.shac.net

United Animal Nations - www.uan.org

Vegepets - the facts about meat -based and vegetarian cat and dog diets - www.vegepets.info

World Animal Day - www.worldanimalday.org.uk



Bio-Distributors - www.biodistributors.com.au

The Cruelty Free Shop - www.crueltyfreeshop.com.au

Veganpet - vegan food for dogs and cats (available from AACT) - www.veganpet.com.au

Links to other sites will be added regularly. Please visit again to see new links. If you have a site you think we should link to, please email AACT at the address listed below.

Last updated 13 August, 2013


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